How you're helping

Where your money goes

Every penny counts as we don't receive any government funding.

£2 provides enough hay for one horse for a day.

£5 pays for a pet to be microchipped.

£10 buys clippers to trim a dog's claws.

£13 buys a cat bed.

£25 pays for a kitten's first vaccinations and worming treatments.

£30 pays for a horse or pony to have a dental check.

£48 buys eight feeding bottles for hand-reared kittens who have no mother to look after them.

£85 provides warmth and shelter for each pet admitted.

£100 pays for a health check for a litter of six unwanted puppies.

£574 covers the cost of caring for a pair of rabbits at one of our rehoming centres (an average of 80 days).

£670 pays for a lifesaving pump to deliver IV fluids during surgery.

£729 pays for the care of a pet during their stay at one of our rehoming centres.

£1,000 covers the cost of leasing four animal ambulances at our Victoria hospital for one month.

£9,600 is the annual farriery bill at one of our rehoming centres.

£25,000 pays for a field shelter and woodchip enclosure.

£385,000 is the cost of running one of our rehoming centres for a year.

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