About us

We’re The Clothes Line from Blue Cross. We’re revolutionising the standard of clothing and accessory donations, enabling you to give high-quality, well-known brands, wonderful accessories and vintage pieces to raise more money for pets in crisis. We'll also keep you updated with the stylish donations we recieve to The Clothes Line through social media, so that as well as donating, you can buy from us too.

The money we raise in Blue Cross shops from your donations will go towards helping animals like Wilfred, Diesel and Paris who have been maltreated for far too long:

Wilfred's story
Wilfred the puppy standing on his hind legs against a table

Wilfred was just a puppy when someone put him in a holdall bag and dumped him in a car park late one night, along with his three sisters.  They weren’t discovered until the following morning, but despite their terrifying ordeal they were happy, friendly pups who just needed some love and care. 
Blue Cross took them in, cared for them and found them happy homes and, with your help, we can make sure pets like Wilfred and his sisters don’t have to suffer the terrible ordeal of being abandoned, unwanted or unloved ever again.

Diesel's story
Diesel the cat lying down on a cushion

Diesel was badly injured and absolutely terrified when he was found dumped outside the entrance of a Blue Cross centre. We think this poor young cat might have been thrown from the window of a passing car because the carrier he was in was upside down and he had suffered a broken pelvis. Diesel needed emergency veterinary care followed by weeks of rest and recuperation in a foster home but he has now been happily rehomed. With more and more pets like Diesel being abandoned, we need your support more than ever.

Paris story
Paris the pony with a harness on in a paddock

Paris was found tied to a gate, abandoned. The young and frightened little Welsh pony was emaciated and missing patches of her coat. It was the start of a long road to recovery for Paris but with hard work and patience she began to improve physically and gain confidence. When she arrived, Paris was wary of human company but with lots of compassionate handling she has thrived at Blue Cross and now enjoys being around people and getting the love and attention she deserves. Paris has now been happily rehomed.